DSGE Conference in Taipei

This conference is held to stimulate communication and discussions among young macroeconomists who use dynamic stochastic general equilibrium models as their main analytical framework. This conference is co-sponsored by various projects including the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Japan, below:

  • 科研費(基盤B)「ミディアム・タームな景気循環メカニズムの解明と政策分析への応用」(代表者:稲葉大)
  • 科研費(基盤C)「現代の政策課題と動学的マクロ経済学の応用可能性」(代表者:堀健夫)
  • 国立台湾大学 柏木研究室


Masaru Inaba (Kansai University)

Masanori Kashiwagi (National Taiwan University)

Kengo Nutahara (Senshu University)

Last updated: March 11, 2015

Date: 13th March (Friday), 2015

Venue: Room 607 (6th Floor), Department of Economics, National Taiwan University, No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei 10617, Taiwan (Main Campus) [Map]

*Note that it will take about 30 min on foot from Just Sleep Hotel NTU

*If you use MRT (subway), please get off at the 科技大樓 station and walk to the south (about 10 minutes). Direction: https://goo.gl/maps/8ONwF

Program (print-friendly version)

  • Opening Remarks: Kengo Nutahara (Senshu University)
  • Session 1: 9:30-10:50
  • Chair: Jun-Hyung Ko (Aoyama Gakuin University)
    • Shuhei Takahashi (Kyoto University)
      • "The Optimum Quantity of Debt for Japan" (with Tomoyuki Nakajima) [paper]
    • Tuan Khai Vu (Meisei University)
      • "Intra-Regional Trade in Intermediate Goods and the Choice of Exchange Rate Regime in East Asia"[paper]
  • Coffee break
  • Session 2: 11:10-12:30
  • Chair: Daichi Shirai (The Canon Institute for Global Studies)
    • Katsunori Yamada (Kindai University)
      • "Can We Steer Income-comparison Attitudes by Information Treatment? Evidence from Randomized Survey Experiments in the US and the UK" (with Hitoshi Shigeoka) [paper]
    • Kizuku Takao (Osaka University)
      • "Dynamic Effects of Anticipated and Temporary Tax Changes in a R&D-Based Growth Model" [paper]
  • Lunch: 12:30-15:00
  • Venue: Living One (on NTU Campus)
  • Session 3: 15:00-16:20
  • Chair: Takeki Sunakawa (The University of Tokyo)
    • Yasuo Hirose (Keio University)
      • "An Estimated DSGE Model with a Deflation Steady State" [paper] [slide]
    • Yi-Chan Tsai (National Taiwan University)
      • "Resource Misallocation and Aggregate Productivity under Progressive Taxation" (with Jang-Ting Guo and Yutaro Izumi) [paper]
  • Coffee break
  • Keynote Address: 16:40-17:40
  • Chair: Masaru Inaba (Kansai University)
    • Mototsugu Shintani (The University of Tokyo)
  • Closing Remarks: Masanori Kashiwagi (National Taiwan University)
  • Dinner: 18:30-
  • Venue: 蘇杭餐廳濟南店
  • Address: 台北市中正區濟南路一段2-1號
  • Map: https://goo.gl/maps/eYDgX